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COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Feel free to get creative! Parents please source as much as you can for the costumes at home, they don’t have to be perfect, just enough to suggest the character.  If there are specific things you need, please let me know and I will get them.

Holly, Hattie, Hal – futuristic, shiny, silver/gold/black/white, a little bit odd.

Lori Locomotion – futuristic nerdy clothing. Suit with a touch of future? (shiny, silver/gold/black/white)

Narcissa Selfie – futuristic outrageous fashion, (shiny, silver/gold/black/white) wild long hair (wig of some sort?)

Jackie Jammer – retro futuristic muso outfit (can be a touch of retro or a touch of future) (shiny, silver/gold/black/white if possible)

Einstein – lab coat or professor suit. Wild hair.

Marilyn – Stylish dress (red?) Blonde wig.  Lipstick.

Beethoven – stylish coat/suit jacket with a crevat or scarf.

Nellie Bly – old fashioned dress or travel overcoat.  Something from the future to put on to disguise herself as a host.

Joan of Arc – suit of armour (or an approximation) and sword.

Cleopatra – Egyptian flowing gown, black hair/beaded hair.


Welcome to the Time Travel Quiz Show (TTQS) Resources Page!!!  This is where we will keep all the juicy information, helpful tips and resources needed throughout the rehearsal period.

Here is a digital copy of the script:

Time Travel Quiz Show Script

Here are the songs from the play for you to listen and learn:

What Makes you Feel Alive


I Just Want to Be Wonderful

Ode To Joy Jam

Cast List:


Holly–  Isabella

Hattie –Mira

Hal – Ellison


Lori Locomotion – Luke

Narcissa Selfie – Darcy

Jackie Jammer – Liam

Guests from the past:

Albert Einstein – Kiam

Marilyn Monroe – Ruby

Ludwig Van Beethoven – Anneka

Nellie Bly – Anna

Wild Card Guests from the past:

Joan of Arc – Ella

Cleopatra – Grace