The Secret Resources

Hello and welcome to ‘The Secret’ Resources Page. This is where you will find all the important information for our play, dates and just fun stuff I thought you might like.

THE SECRET – Week 2 Activity Sheet

*This week think about your characters.

-Who is your character? What do they look like? What do they sound like?

-Why do they do what they do in the story?

-How do they feel about other people in the story?

*The Song.

-How would you sum up the meaning of your story in a few words?

-What is the main message of your story?

-Can you come up with a few lines that could work in a song about your story and characters?

THE SECRET – Week 1 Activity Sheet

*This week, write some ideas down about a secret.

– Whose secret is it/who does it belong to?

– Who knows? – does the audience know/do the characters know?

– Do they find out eventually?


*What could be a story built on the secret?

– What happens?

– Is there a reveal?  To who?

– Who are your characters?


Who is your audience/who will be watching the play?

What genre?  A drama? A comedy? An action? A mystery? A mixture of all?

Have fun exploring your ideas, and come ready to share and workshop next week!