Singing Exercises-vj

1.Harmonic Minor Scale 2.Do re do3.Do Mi So4. Zah ah5.Lip Trills

BACKINGS: Never Seen The Rain backingRip Tide backing down 1 toneRip Tide backing original keyStill The One – Shania TwainScars to your beautifulOrange coloured Sky

LYRICS: True Colors lyrics

Orange Colored Sky



Scars to Your Beautiful LYRICS



Chromatic Exercise

4/3/20 Remember to warm up with tongue roll and other exercises before you sing your high songs.  Drink lots of water to keep your vocal chords hydrated.

26/2/20 Do Re Do Re Do, Mi Fa Mi Fa Mi, So La So La So, Do Ti Do Ti Do Also here’s Natalie Cole singing Orange Coloured Sky (so you can hear the end)

12/2/20 This week’s exercises: Zah ah (the slow one) and Za, ah ah ah, ah ah ah (the fast one) Also the backing and lyrics for Orange Coloured Sky. Enjoy!!  Orange Colored Sky

5/2/20 This week’s exercises: MM NN AAAAH (remember to keep it light and buzzy) And Arpeggios: Do Mi So. So Mi Do. Have fun!!


Hi V! Welcome to your Singing Exercises Page!

It is important to warm up before you sing so that you don’t do any damage to your voice, to remind you to use correct technique in your pieces, and to develop your skills. Your voice is a wonderful instrument, and because it is part of your body it is effected by any number of things, including how much sleep you have had, what you have eaten, how much you have used it, the weather, hormones, etc.  Because of this some days you will be able to sing higher and lower, using more tone, keeping in tune, better  than other days. Part of being a singer is getting to know your voice, knowing what feels normal, when to push it and when to rest it.  It’s a wonderful journey!

These exercises will take less than 5 minutes, so I think it will be a great beginning to your home practice.  If it feels too high, don’t push it, they are warm ups. Keep them light and airy.  And have fun!

Tongue Roll 3 note warm up:

Mm 3 note warm up Ooh 3 note warm up