Ready or not (here I come)

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Our Performance was Friday 9th September 2016 at the Metanoia Theatre, Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.  7.30pm   

Here’s a bit about the play

Ready or not here I come! is a musical play written  about the adolescent years.  It is a fun energetic piece that touches on the extremities of emotion and conflict one can experience experience throughout that time.  It incorporates a modern score with lyrics borrowed from well known sayings and nursery rhymes, paving the steps from childhood to adulthood.


Here’s the Synopsis

This is an abstract piece centering around the main characters who are looking to navigate their way through the peak of adolescence.  As it is a non traditional play, it doesn’t have a linear story-line. The play consists of a series of internal monologues disclosing each characters inner dilemma and is illustrated by songs using the lyrics of well-known nursery rhymes and sayings.  As the characters choose their paths they are led through a journey of self-discovery and develop relationships and a sense of direction.

The tone of each monologue wrestles with adolescent/adult issues and is juxtaposed with familiar nursery rhyme sentiments put to more modern music.

Have a little listen

Gonna Get Up Boy blue

Mary HadMonday’s ChildLondon Bridge


A bit about the writer

Anna Struth is a singer and a composer.  She has worked musically with people of all ages and abilities.  To read more, jump to this page About Anna

Want more Information?

For any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact  Anna