Cow On A Bus

Cow On A Bus (alternative title “The Grass is Greener”) is a fun and energetic musical play written especially for use in primary schools.

ABOUT. It is based around the theme of country and city living, and through the journey of a city boy and a country girl, explores personal perspectives, sustainable living, opportunities, differences and similarities.  All in a play with catchy original songs written right here in Australia!  Complete with recordings and backing tracks.

THEMES. Themes include the contrast between city and country living, old ways verses new ways (sustainability), literature (Fables from Aesop are used in the play), photography, creativity, technology, which can be worked into the curriculum.

FOR THE STUDENTS  Students explore musical elements of singing, such as rhythm, melody, call and response, basic harmony, stylistic interpretation.  There are opportunities for solo singing and solo speaking roles among the students.  Also there is room for extension to accommodate instrumental students, and to develop percussion ensembles.

When you hire our play, it will come with a production kit, which includes:
*digital copy of script and lyrics (printable)
*digital copy of songs (with guide vocals)
*digital copy of backing tracks
*digital lyric with chord sheets for rehearsal

Hire of the musical includes rights for performance, and video/video reproduction rights for the nominated performance season. Additional ensemble music is available.

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Running in Circles
Cow Town
I Love the City Lights

The Lion & the Mouse
Old Ways & New Ways

The Sun Fable


“Great fun….. learning all the time”
“I love performing and this is a chance I have to show it!”
“I got to act in a great production”
“I enjoyed seeing our group grow”

“Catchy songs!”
“The concert was really fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it, well done!”

“We love, love, loved it!”
“Good story, great songs!”