French Soiree

Group Song List Ideas for the night and their youtube links:

  1. Chanson D’amour Chanson D’amour
  2. Les Feuilles Mortes (The Autumn Leaves) Les Feuilles Mortes
  3. Milord (from Edith Piaf)Milord
  4. Les Yeux Ouvert (Dream a little Dream) Les Yeux Ouvert
  5. Non, je ne regrette de rien. Non, Je ne regrette de rien
  6. Triplets of Belleville Triplets of Belleville
  7. Michelle (Beatles) Michelle
  8. Je Vole Je Vole
  9. My Way My Way
  10. Ca Plane Pour Moi Ca Plane Pour Moi

I will organise the lyrics into a word file and email them.

A couple of other possibilities, these are in English, but french themed or composed.

11. Ne me quitte pas Regina Spektor ne me quitte pas

12. Do you hear the people sing – Les Miserablesdo you hear the people sing